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A Teacher Salary Hardly Pays Enough Money for Your Life, Which Means…

You're Either Thinking About Leaving or Already Made the Decision to Walk Away from Teaching. Becoming a teacher is one of the BIGGEST Decisions of your life…Leaving teaching comes in a close second. What’s your next move?

Hi, I’m Angela, and I was a Teacher for 18 years. We probably have a similar story. 

If You’re a Teacher Like Me

If you’re a teacher like me, even after you’ve given your ALL, you are sometimes left feeling like there’s something missing…money, flexibility, more opportunities, maybe? Do you know that feeling? You’re not alone! I’ve been there! That’s why I had to make a move. I actually walked away from teaching twice for two different reasons, but both timesI couldn’t shake the fact that change was coming!

Can You Guess How Many Times?

Can you guess how many times I've been on the fence about my next move as a teacher? Is A LOT a number? Well, It didn’t take me long to figure out I had to make a decision to leave or stay.  First I had to move past my fear of success and create a space to build wealth beyond the limits of a teacher salary.  Oh you may be thinking that I meant fear of failure…no it wasn’t’ that. I kept rehearsing in my mind, what if I do succeed outside of being a teacher..what does that say about my commitment to education. 

I Knew It Was Time to Leverage

I've known since 3rd grade I'd be a teacher and although I love teaching, TWO things were missing: I knew there's was more to my purpose than teaching in the classroom. and the BIG one… I had to fill the money gaps that teaching created in my life.  The first time I left teaching, I leveraged my knowledge to launch a “knowledge business” and created my own brand, the second time I left was for the same reason only the second time I had a plan…a real plan to walk away in financial peace.  I want that for YOU too!

Let's Walk Through the "Leave Teaching" Journey Together So You Can "Break Free Financially" without Stress Strain or Struggle When You Walk Away from Teaching 

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