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Do You Make Enough Money Teaching? A Teacher’s Salary Hardly Pays Enough Money for the Lifestyle You Deserve.

You Need a Full Proof Plan for Your Next Income Stream So You Can Afford Your Life Whether You Choose to Leave Teaching or Stay! 
Teacher Tycoon™ Helps Teachers Build Wealth Through Business

Hi, I’m Angela, and I’m a Teacher. We probably have a similar story. 

If You’re a Teacher Like Me

If you’re a teacher like me, even after you’ve given your ALL, you are sometimes left feeling overworked, overwhelmed, and overextended. Do you know that feeling? You’re not alone! I’ve been there!If you’re a teacher like me, even after you’ve given your ALL, you are sometimes left feeling overworked, overwhelmed, and overextended. Do you know that feeling?

Can You Guess How Many Times?

Can you guess how many times I've been on the fence about my next move as a teacher? Is A LOT a number? Well, It didn’t take me long to figure out I had to make a decision to leave or stay.  First I had to move past my fear of success and create a space to build wealth beyond the limits of a teacher salary.  You can move into your wealthy place whether you choose to leave teaching or stay (you’ll make that BIG decision during week 1 of Teacher Tycoon™ Academy.

I Knew It Was Time to Leverage

I've known since 3rd grade I'd be a teacher and although I love teaching, TWO things were missing: I knew there's was more to my purpose that just teaching and I had to fill the money gaps that teaching created in my life.  I leveraged my knowledge to launch a “knowledge business” and created my own brand, Teacher Tycoon™ to help teachers Turn Content into Cash + Leverage Expertise into Legacy Wealth.

“Leave Teaching or Stay?” That’s the Million Dollar Question…But Not the Only Question

Do I keep teaching? Do I leave teaching to pursue MORE MONEY? What can I do to make 6 figures, maybe even 7 figures whether I leave teaching or stay? Get answers to ALL these questions and leave with a solid plan for your future self when you get a strategy! You deserve to at least know your options for your next move. Ask you 70 year old self what she wants? She'll tell you, "Girlfriend, we need a plan!"

Get the “Leave Teaching or Stay?” Answers You Need for Your Next Steps

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Every Teacher Has a Built-In “Knowledge Business” for Building Wealth

Our Motto is #TurnYourContentIntoCash

Launch Your “Knowledge Business” Whether You Choose to Leave Teaching or Stay 

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"Designed and built with teachers in mind who's ever had a BIG DREAM of building a life that you love.”

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"MOUNTAIN MOVIN' MOTIVATOR" herself, ANGELA TEZENO! Angela Tezeno delivers an electrifying message of hope, power, and inspiration which provokes women to search deep within the soul to rediscover true purpose, destiny and value."

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"My decision-making is more focused, which is helping me to accomplish the important tasks and objectives in my life. I've been able to clearly define the goals that are most relevant. I feel like I am getting things done, a very satisfying feeling."

Kim W.

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