Be a Teacher Tycoon™

Angela Tezeno

Wondering How to Fix the Money Thing?  Well, Be a Teacher Tycoon™

You’ve known since you were a kid that you wanted to be a teacher and you’ve landed your dream job that fuels your passion each and every day. The only missing link is the pay.  What can you do about that? Well you’ve got options and that’s what we’re here to do.  Give you access to your option and help you with next step…every step of the way!

It’s no secret that teacher salary falls short on the salary spectrum

Teacher Tycoon™ is your full proof path to becoming financially free by creating multiple streams of income whether you plan to leave teaching or stay. So you have an income being a teacher and it’s a solid income, but it comes with challenges; mainly the BIG 3 B’s—Bureaucracy, and Burn Out. At times you feel like you just don’t want to do it anymore and you stick around because either you have a soul tie to the purpose AND/OR you need the money.
Your next move is to decide HOW you’re going to make the money you need to build wealth and be completely financially FREE—whether you want to leave teaching or if you want to continue to be a teacher. In order to make the decision you must have a plan. 

STOP waiting to be valued enough to earn the MONEY you really deserve. NO ONE is going to just write you a BLANK CHECK, but you can take control of your own financial future and build your OWN WEALTH …it’s your turn to be the TYCOON!

Activate Your “Inner Boss” to Create an Online Income Stream

You already have the answer to solve the money thing.  All you need to do is discover your strengths and passions, and I’ll help you develop a plan to launch your built-in “knowledge business” and create an online income stream so you can achieve your financial goals.

You took the steps to become a teacher, now get equipped with the tools and skills you need to become the next tycoon,,,a Teacher Tycoon™.

Do I Keep Teaching or Is It Time to Leave?

Do I keep teaching? Do I leave teaching to pursue MORE MONEY? What can I do to make 6 figures, maybe even 7 figures whether I leave teaching or stay? Get answers to ALL these questions and leave with a solid plan for your future self when you attend the Teacher Tycoon LIVE workshop.  
So you started teaching because it's your passion. If you're like me, you've always wanted to be a teacher and even though it's your passion, it's not your wealth builder. Truth is...billionaires would not be who they are without their teachers and now IT'S YOUR TURN to build wealth and be the TYCOON! That doesn't come easy, no matter what anyone says. You first have to make some serious decisions....
You deserve to at least know your next move.

Ask you 70 year old self what she wants? She'll tell you, "GURL, we need a plan!" Get the easy and proven way teachers can make more money whether they choose to leave teaching or stay. Sign up for a FREE chat, and  learn the Full Proof Steps to make one of the most important decisions of your life. Perfect for new teachers, veteran teachers, soon to retire teachers.
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