Canvas Your Life on the Cura Canvas™

Jun 28 / Angela Tezeno

The Cura Canvas™ is Your Life's Canvas

Every woman, whether married or single, rich or poor young or seasoned in life— all women have a life made up of 7 life areas--
  • Spiritual Life
  • Her--Self
  • Health & Fitness
  • Leisure
  • Relationships
  • Finances
  • Career and/or Business
I know a thing or two about a demanding life. Between being a wife, mom, teacher, author, speaker, and podcast host, I know what it's like to feel overworked, overwhelmed, and off-centered. BUT, it's not at all difficult to get "IT ALL" done when navigating my life through the Cura Canvas™.

Here's Your Whole Life on the Cura Canvas™

I designed the Cura Canvas™ for busy women just like myself who desperately needed to manage all the moving parts of life. Life is a work of art and you too can design the life you've always wanted...a life that's functional, effective, and fulfilling life you love!

Cura derives from the Latin phrase, "Cura Personalis", meaning care for the entire person. It's time to gain a new perspective for your very busy life and focus on ALL of you, not just the "stuff" you've got to get done.

The Cura Canvas™ is an innovative life management vision map. It's masterful design by Angela Tezeno is based on 7 building blocks that target 7 specific areas of your life. It's the perfect vision map for you to organize and optimize all the moving parts of your very busy life and make your life work with ease!
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Here's How to Canvas Your Life on the Cura Canvas

Each Life Area on the Cura Canvas™ is a vital part of your life.  To canvas your life on the Cura Canvas™, you'll write a Vision Statement for each life area, then add goals and steps to achieve your vision for each area.  This will help you keep your life balanced and fulfilled as you are continually intentional about actively engaging in the target areas of your life.  

Life Areas of the Cura Canvas

Click on Each Life Area for Tips, Tools, Strategies and Advice for a Healthy Life Balance and More Fulfillment

Live Links to Life Areas Coming Soon!

Spiritual Life Area

Your life area that's connected to a power higher than yourself; Acknowledging God as the supreme being


Your"SELF" embodies who you are as a person; particularly your soul:  comprised of your mind, will and emotions

Health & Fitness

All things involving a healthy lifestyle and active fitness regimen


The hobbies that interest you in which you do for enjoyment

Career and/or Business

Occupation and/or business venture that facilitates your skill or life purpose.


Involving one-to-one or one-to-group interactions with people including:  marriage, family, work relationships, etc.


Day-to-Day actions with money including:  budgets, financial planning, investments, assets, and more

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