What to Do When You're an EE? Employee AND Entrepreneur!

Jul 21 / Angela Tezeno

What’s an EE? You’re and “EE” when you’re both and employee and an entrepreneur at the same time.

Learn how to achieve both your goals and create amazing life when you're an employee AND an entrepreneur
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Get Focused. Get Organized. Get Both DONE Learn how to achieve both your goals and create amazing life when you're an employee AND an entrepreneur

     There’s a portion of the population that’s both an employee and an entrepreneur. If you fit this description, you know how challenging it can be to keep up day to day. I’ve worn both the employee and entrepreneur hat for quite a while, so I know first hand the challenges that EE”s face. The major challenge is giving both my business and my job the best of me. I wanted to be sure I was most effective on my job, but I also want to give 100% to my business. Here’s why and therein what caused the challenge–

     As long as I was effective on my job, I knew I was going keep it. That sounds really mater of fact, but that’s the short of it. When you’re good at your job, you get to keep it. It’s the same with business. As long as I gave 100% to my business, I knew I would give it what it needed to grow and be successful. So I had to become two people every day. A fantastic and effective teacher for my students and the astute CEO that my company needed.
The key to being an EE is knowing the roles for both and fulfilling the roles without blurring the lines.  
When I was at school teaching, I had to implement the characteristics of an employee, not the boss. When I worked my business in the afternoon, I had to implement the characteristics of a leader, not an employee. Can this be done simultaneously? Absolutely. Should it be done? Not for very long; because the truth is, at some point you’ll outgrow being an employee. As you progress more and more in the biz, being an employee on your job just doesn’t suit you anymore.
When You're an EE, Crush It, Baby!
The best course of action is a smooth transition from one role to the other and that takes many moving parts including finances, relationships and much more. Either way, stick to your plan. Be the best of both worlds and both worlds will reward your efforts! You’ll know when it’s time to make your two EE’s ONE. You got this cause I got you!
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