Teacher Salary Just Doesn’t Include Money for Wealth Building While You’re Employed. You Can Change That!

Every Teacher Has a Built-In "Knowledge Business” for Building Wealth

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Why Teacher Tycoon™ Is For You…

Sooo, you started teaching because it's your passion. If you're like me, you've always wanted to be a teacher and even though it's your passion, it's not your wealth builder. Truth is...billionaires would not be who they are without their teachers and now IT'S YOUR TURN to build wealth and be the TYCOON! That doesn't come easy, no matter what anyone says. You first have to make some serious decisions.... You deserve to at least know your next move. 

Ask you 70 year old self what she wants? She'll tell you, "Girl, we need a plan!" Get the easy and proven way teachers can make more money, as much as 6 figures, whether they choose to leave teaching or stay. Whatever You Decide....You Need a Plan! 
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Get the  "Knowledge Business" Launch Plan

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Do I keep teaching? Do I leave teaching to pursue MORE MONEY? What can I do to make 6 figures, maybe even 7 figures whether I leave teaching or stay? 
Get answers to ALL these questions and leave with a solid plan for your future self with the Teacher Tycoon™ "Knowledge Business" Launch Plan. 
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Teaching or Not:  A Proven Path to Afford Your Dream Life Without Stress, Strain, or Struggle! How Does That Sound?

 I know first hand the challenges of doing what you love…teaching AND face the burden of figuring out how afford life. I was in the exact same space, so I definitely get it. That’s why I’m passionate about helping teachers get out of a financial slump and devise a plan just like plan I used to be financially FREE.

 The plan we’ll create together in the Teacher Tycoon LIVE forum will give you options to continue teaching or leave teaching….and be good either way! Join me to hear how our stories align and walk away with a plan for your next move!  

Where's Your Plan to Pay for Your Life? Even if You Keep Teaching, Will it Be Enough?

Teachers Path to Launching Your Wealth Builder Just Got Easy Whether You Leave Teaching or Stay!

Do You Need to Create a Plan for Your Wealth Builder to Bankroll Your Dream Life?
The answer is YES if any of these apply….
  • These days I’m losing sight of my commitment to teaching and it’s becoming easier to walk away.
  • I don’t have a strategy for additional income besides my teaching income.
  • I love teaching but I’m seriously considering a career with less stress and more money
  • I don't make enough money, even though my salary from teaching increased.
  • I want to add more income, but I don’t have any options outside of being a teacher.
  • I feel like I was born to be a teacher, but I also feel like there's more to my purpose than just teaching.

Get the Teacher Tycoon 
"Knowledge Business" Launch Plan 

Whether You Choose to Leave Teaching or Stay, YOU NEED A PLAN to Pay for the Life You Deserve.  Learn the Exact 4 Steps to Launch Your Knowledge Business as Your Wealth Builder, Plus Take Away the Launch Map with the Teacher Tycoon™ "Knowledge Business" Launch Plan.

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