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Articles and Video Episodes

Achieve a Healthy Balance with the PB&J Podcast

"Nothing Like a Little PB&J to Ease Your Very Busy Life"

Featured Episode

"The Price is Right"

How to Tap in Your True Value and Self-Worth
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Teacher Tycoon™ Articles

Get Strategies, Tips, and Tools to Build Wealth So You Can Afford the Life You Dream About

What to Do When You're an EE? Employee AND Entrepreneur!

There’s a portion of the population that’s both an employee and an entrepreneur. If you fit this description, you know how challenging it can be to keep up…

Canvas Your Life on the Cura Canvas™

I know a thing or two about a demanding life. Between being a wife, mom, teacher, author, speaker, and podcast host, I know what it's like to feel overworked, overwhelmed, and off-centered. BUT, it's not at all difficult to get "IT ALL" done when navigating my life…
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Latest Video

How to Pursue Your Passion Beyond the Classroom

Super excited to be a guest on the Teachers Pep Rally Podcast discussing How to Pursue Your Passion Beyond the Classroom”. In this video you’ll learn the uncommon path for teachers to build legacy wealth and the top reasons why teachers don’t follow the legacy wealth path.

 You’ll laugh, learn, and lift your sprits with a new path to build the wealth you need for your life.
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Entrepreneur, Business Life Coach, Educator, Author, Speaker, host, PB&J Podcast
About me
I'm Angela and becoming more of who I truly am every day. I'm a wife and mom of three ( 24, 20, 18). I'm an educator with two master degrees, currently in my 18th year as a teacher. I expanded my life's work in education by launching an education empowerment brand that helps women build their dream life. I lead teachers to build wealth through business so they can afford their dream life.  When I'm not coaching, writing, speaking, or hosting my show, my favorite times are hanging out with the family, playing pac-man, and eating any food that involves cheese.  Right now I'm gearing up for my "Leave Teaching or Stay?" LIVE Forum to help teachers who need more options for money get clarity and a plan.

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