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Let’s level up your BIG Launch!  Schedule a coaching session and we’ll work together to design a strategic plan to accomplish your next launch.  You’ll schedule your session(s) on Angela’s calendar once you enroll.

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So, you're ready to launch, huh? Let’s Design Your Strategic Plan with Systems that Play into a Launch Makes $ense!

Hi There Boss Lady! "I'm so proud you made the BIG step to launch your product or business!" You have the option to purchase a coaching session designed for us to discuss and collaborate to design the perfect systems to grow level up your launch to go father, faster as your wealth builder for your dream life.

Sign up for Launch Lab Coaching today! You'll gain planning tools and strategies, customized business model and systems for your business model, business growth tools, & more. Once you enroll you’ll schedule your coaching session on Angela’s coaching calendar.

Launch Coaching Makes Your Launch Make $ense!

Your coaching session(s) include:
  • An in-depth master plan based on Angela’s Online Business Model Workflow (OMBW) customized for your business needs that you’ll reference and modify as you grow your business.
  • Full Suite of documents for the OMBW process available as your go-to resources at the resource vault.
  • Session recordings for your reference with lifetime access anywhere, anytime, and across all devices.
  • Per session follow-up info detailing your session content and next steps available on your coaching dashboard.

Purchase Your Coaching Session and Let’s Start Designing Your Launch Plan with Systems for your BIG LAUNCH!

Meet Your 'Fired Up' Launch Coach

Angela Tezeno, M.Ed., M.A.M.L.
Angela Tezeno, entrepreneur, life + business coach + educator, and speaker believes in empowering women to build the life they really want.  With a Master of Education and Master of Management and Leadership, Angela used her experiences as a elementary and middle school teacher and business owner to fulfill her life’s work of guiding women to build an amazing life and business through her life + business brands including, Cura'd Life, The Launch Lab, The  PB&J (Purpose, Balance, & Jesus) Podcast, and through Balance + Business content her YouTube channel.

Angela walks women through the routine of their busy lives to rock a balanced life and build a profitable business to build wealth so they can afford their dream life. 

When Angela is not coaching, writing or speaking, her favorite times are hanging out with the fam, playing pac-man and eating any food that involves cheese—all simultaneously, of course. Right now, Angela is gearing up for scheduled coaching sessions so get on the schedule cause it's your tine to LAUNCH!
“Hey Boss Lady!  It's your time to LAUNCH your product, your business, your dream life.  You got this cause I got you”

Angela Tezeno

Your Life + Business Coach

Clients Are Saying…

"You've been such a great inspiration and
powerful uplifter in my life. You were created
for greatness, and you are a true blessing to
me. I cannot express enough how you have
blessed my life."
-K. Orphey
“"My decision making is more focused, which is helping me to accomplish the important tasks and objectives in my life. I have been able to clearly define the goals that are most relevant. I feel like I am getting things done, a very satisfying feeling"
-K. White
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